Jimmy Savile's grave in Scarborough has been dismantled following allegations of sexual abuse. The stonemasons are currently crafting another gravestone with the simple epitaph ‘BEAST’. In retrospect, dressing like a PE teacher should have been a bit of a giveaway. With his badges and TV show to make dreams come true, other paedophiles’ bags of sweets paled in comparison. “I can make their dream of eating their lunch on a roller coaster come true – what’ve you got? A transit van and a packet of Mentos? Fuck off.” When you think about it, Savile had a specially equipped chair with treats for kids concealed in it – it’s like if Ian Huntley was supplied by Q from James Bond.
Yes I know, he isn’t able to defend himself. But sadly it looks like all those girls weren’t able to either. In order to save time the police are now advising that only women who were not abused by the Paedophile Tarzan should phone in. Footage has emerged of Savile defending Gary Glitter. So he might have been a predatory paedophile, but at least he wasn’t a hypocrite. He spoke up for Gary Glitter in the documentary. The pair actually invented the platform shoe, apparently as a way to see children who were slightly further away.
We’ve got to remember he raised a lot of money for charity and some of that must have gone to his victims. It’s sick he raised money for that MRI machine at Stoke Mandeville. Bad enough wanting to see kids naked, let alone without their skin and soft tissue too.
Hats off to the BBC, after a mere 35 years they’ve leapt into action saying they’ll co-operate with any police enquiry. The BBC is to bring in a figure from outside the corporation to chair its enquiry into complaints of sexual abuse made against him. They’ve chosen Freddy Starr. Apparently, the channel made Jimmy Savile wear all that jewellery so kids would hear him coming, the same way you'd put a bell on a cat. After all this, maybe the BBC will have to act on rumours. Like, for example, the ones I’m starting about Richard Hammond shagging monkeys.
In all this trashing of the man let’s not forget that he did eventually make quite a few kids’ dreams come true. On the day his grubby little heart packed in. Savile has achieved the impossible. A further tarnishing of the image of the nylon shell suit. Euugheeeuuurgheeuuurgh! That was one of his catchphrases. Cynically making it like his cum-noise so no one would bat an eyelid hearing it through his dressing room door.